Rank My Resume | Hackathon Project

A lightweight Android app that allows you to quickly snap a picture of a resume and save it to the device. From there the application uses a number of services provided by HPE's Haven OnDemand platform that will rank the resume based on certain categories and return a score out of ten.

The application works by first detecting the content of the resume and converting it into a text string (Haven OCR). From here the content is ranked based on the following categories:

Skills (worth 25% of the overall rank)

Based on how many skills are listed on the resume and how important each of these skills are in today market.

Experience (worth 65% of the overall rank)

Based on the level of education listed on the resume as well as the reputation of school the education was achieved at. Marks are also allocated based on previous technical work experience.

Etiquette  (worth 10% of the overall rank)

Calculated using the Haven Sentiment Analysis API by detecting whether the resume is written formally (no spelling mistakes, proper sentences, etc).